Electric Tricycle

Unavailability of safe commute for short distances for the differently abled and elderly people makes them dependent on others. Other modes of transport prove to be expensive and tiring. Their hardships increase as soon as they have to travel with belongings. In addition, it is also not possible to keep track of them when they are travelling alone

Our Approach

1. Lithium based Battery with 24V 15Ah capacity (Base model)
2. Reverse gear for ease in movement unlike any scooter or tricycle in the market (Base model)
3. GPS tracking ability to give update on the exact location of the cycle (optional)
4. Panic Button to alert your loved ones when stranded or when you need assistance (Optional)
5. Safety harness to maintain a comfortable driving position (Optional)
6. Four times better torque than conventional motorised tricycles to help it climb steep slopes as well as move out of puddles
7. Running cost : ₹ 0.25 / km. Optional Solar Charging
8. Sturdy Design, Adequate Speed and No License Required!
9. 30km Range on Charging for 1hr 30 mins