drivetrain options

X60H2 (2-Wheel Drive)

The X60H2 model provides excellent power and maneuverability for general farming tasks, ideal for operations on flat or moderately uneven terrain.

X60H4 (4-Wheel Drive)

The X60H4 model offers superior traction and stability, perfect for tackling challenging landscapes and heavy-duty applications. This model ensures optimal productivity even on the toughest terrains.


The X60H2 electric tractor has 32KW of power and a 38.4KWh battery, which will provide 8 hours of work. It is operated with hydraulics and automated steering. Smart features like Crop Health Analysis are used in this machine. The Made in India Motor is Liquid cooled and robust to work in high torque applications.

The X45H2 electric tractor has 32KW of power and a 35KWh battery, which will provide 8 hours of work. It is operated with hydraulics and automated steering. Smart features like Crop Health Analysis are used in this machine. The battery is a smart swappable module based battery that is capable of sustaining in high torque rugged conditions that a tractor goes through.

Key Features

Eco-Friendly Power

Enjoy the benefits of an electric drivetrain with zero emissions and reduced noise pollution, contributing to a greener and quieter farming environment.

Rapid Charging

The tractor can be fully charged in just 6 hours with a Single Phase model and an impressive 3 hours with a Three Phase model, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum operational efficiency.

Versatile Performance

Suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including PTO (Power Take-Off), hydraulics, material handling, and heavy-duty haulage, making it a multipurpose asset for your farming needs.

Heavy-Duty Haulage

Capable of hauling 15-30 tonnes of payload, this tractor is a powerful ally for transporting large loads with ease.

Equipment Compatibility

Designed to operate balers, slashers, arrow tillers, and other heavy-duty equipment, this tractor meets all your agricultural and industrial requirements


The AutoNxt 60HP Electric Tractor is built to excel in diverse agricultural and industrial tasks. Whether it’s plowing fields, transporting heavy loads, or operating complex machinery, this tractor delivers consistent and reliable performance. Its compatibility with various implements and equipment makes it a versatile and indispensable tool on any farm or industrial site.


AutoNxt Electric Tractors redefine efficiency in the metal manufacturing sector. From material handling to logistics, our tractors streamline operations while minimizing environmental impact. With robust performance and cutting-edge technology, AutoNxt enhances productivity and sustainability in metal manufacturing processes.


Experience the power of AutoNxt Electric Tractors in the cement manufacturing industry. Our tractors optimize material handling, transportation, and site maintenance, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. With zero emissions and advanced features, AutoNxt tractors are the ideal choice for sustainable cement production


AutoNxt Electric Tractors are the future of the construction industry. With unmatched versatility and power, our tractors excel in site preparation, material handling, and equipment transportation. Experience increased efficiency and reduced costs with AutoNxt, paving the way for a more sustainable construction sector.


AutoNxt Electric Tractors redefine efficiency and sustainability in airport operations. From baggage handling to runway maintenance, our tractors offer unmatched performance and reliability. With zero emissions and advanced features such as autonomous navigation, AutoNxt tractors streamline operations while reducing environmental impact. Experience smoother, greener, and more cost-effective airport management with AutoNxt.


AutoNxt Electric Tractors are the ultimate solution for defence applications, offering superior performance and rugged durability. From logistics support to base maintenance, our tractors excel in the most demanding military environments. With advanced features such as all-terrain capabilities and remote operation options, AutoNxt ensures mission success while reducing logistical complexity and environmental footprint. Trust AutoNxt for reliable, efficient, and sustainable defence solutions.


Discover how AutoNxt Electric Tractors revolutionize biomass operations with sustainable and efficient solutions. Our tractors are designed to handle the demanding tasks of biomass collection, processing, and transportation with ease. With zero emissions and low operating costs, AutoNxt tractors ensure a greener future for the biomass industry.

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Why AutoNxt electric tractors over diesel tractors?
Electric tractors have several advantages over diesel tractors:
1. Environmentally friendly: Electric tractors do not produce harmful emissions like diesel tractors, which emit carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and other pollutants. This makes electric tractors a much more environmentally friendly option.
2. Lower operating costs: Electric tractors have lower operating costs than diesel tractors, as they require less maintenance and have lower fuel costs. Electric tractors also have fewer moving parts, which means they are less likely to break down and require repairs.
Better performance: Electric tractors have high torque and instant acceleration, which means they can perform better than diesel tractors in certain situations. Electric tractors can also work at lower speeds without losing power, making them ideal for precision farming.
3. Quiet operation: Electric tractors are much quieter than diesel tractors, which can be important in residential areas or near livestock.
4. Renewable energy: Electric tractors can be powered by renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power, which can further reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs.Overall, electric tractors offer several advantages over diesel tractors, making them a more sustainable and cost-effective option for farmers. However, there are still some limitations to the technology, such as the need for charging infrastructure and limitations on battery life and capacity.
How many hours does the tractor works?
4-8 hours depending on what activity the tractor is performing.
How much time does the tractor take to charge from 0-100%?
6 hours on single phase slow charger and 2 hours and 30 minutes on fast charger.
What all implements can be used with AutoNxt Tractors?
Any implement that works with the equivalent HP diesel tractor, can be used with the AutoNxt tractors.
Can the tractor be charges at home?
Yes, the tractor can be charges with a 15 Ampere supply which is available at home for any other heavy duty appliance.
Does the Tractor have enough power to get the heavy duty work done?
Yes, the tractors can do any task that a traditional equivalent HP tractor can perform.
After how many years will the battery will need to be replaced?
The AutoNxt Tractor battery can work for total 3000 cycles in normal temperature range, we are estimating a life of over 8-10 years for the Tractor battery, after which the battery can be replaced.
How much savings will I have by using Electric Tractor?
By using AutoNxt electric Tractors, you will have 5 times less operational expense.
Is the tractor remote controlled?
We are introducing remote and completely driverless functions in the Electric Tractors in some models to help you get the job done without having to expose yourself to extreme conditions.
Are there any financing options for buying the tractor?
Yes, we do have some financing options, for which you may send your contact details to our team at